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Plug Type

the individual alternative.

REMBE® Plug Type rupture discs
Reliable. German. Safety.

More than a rupture disc.

Like UKB LS, plug type rupture discs consist of more than just the rupture disc itself – the housing is also part of the product and can be adapted to an extremely wide range of connections and geometries. Above all, plug type rupture discs are used to protect applications with high pressures and connections with small nominal widths.
  • The smallest nominal widths in combination with very high burst pressures.
  • Fully customisable housing design.
  • Easy to install.
  • autoclaves
  • chemical industry
  • chemical reactors
  • cryogenic applications
  • cryostats + transport containers
  • food production
  • gas compressor modules
  • gas-tight pressure vessels
  • high pressure applications
  • LDPE (thermoplastic)
  • mixers
  • petrochemical plants
  • process vessels
  • reactors
  • refineries
  • water injection pumps
  • aerospace
  • chemical- petrochemical
  • food
  • hydrogen
  • oil and gas industry
Process mediumSuitability
Gas | Steam
Liquid with gas cushion
Two phase flow
Hygienic applications
✓✓ recommended
✓ suitable

These rupture discs even protect space satellites: so you can be confident they will function reliably.

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Gordon Jerie, CAD-Expert
"If you asked me to describe our compact rupture discs in one sentence, I’d say: “Impossible – I can’t.” So far we’ve always developed a dedicated solution for each application. And in fact it’s great fun for me as a designer. I’m always pleased to receive a tricky request."
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